Farm and Lodge


Pollinators, such as bees and butterflies, visit flowers to harvest their nectar and pollen. They play a crucial role in flower reproduction, transferring pollen and fertilising flowers as they go from plant to plant.

Recent data shows pollinator numbers to be in decline, causing global concern. This is especially worrying for agriculture as at least 1/3 of the total volume of agricultural produce relies on pollination. This includes such everyday foods as fruits, nuts, beans and coffee.

Part of the plan is to turn some pasture land into meadow to encourage pollinators. Planting hedgerows of blackthorn, hazel, juniper and hawthorn will encourage wildlife.


Four hives where installed in July 2021, and the first colony installed late August 2021.


The second hive shed was built November 2021, facing the orchard, and where populated with 4 hives in January 2022.



"Peters Field" was ploughed in 2021, ready for the installation of the new meadow to be sown in spring 2022.

Sown by hand, with a mix of wild flowers.