Farm and Lodge


Back in 2021, I purchased two vintage tractors. One was a 1958 Fordson Dexta, the other was a Ford 2000, big brother of the Fordson Dexta range. The idea was to restore one over the winter months, whilst the other continued to work. When one was finished, then swap them over and put the second one into the workshop to be restored.

Viewing of the tractors at a local farm.

First into the workshop was the Dexta, now affectionately called Trigger after Triggers broom from the TV show, Only Fools and Horses. Pretty much most of it has been replaced other than the frame.

First issue was to remove the roll bar and wings. The 9-inch bolts that hold them on had rusted solid, and no matter how hard they were hit, they were not budging.

Luckily, Andy Belfield is a local tractor genius was able to apply some 'heat' and basically cut of the roll bars. Here also pictured is Andy's handbrake bracket. It's fair to say that Andy's help was invaluable during the restoration.

Before the '10 foot paint job' could start, I needed to remove years, of grime, muck and oil. After struggling with all sorts to try and remove it, what worked best was a wallpaper steamer and wire brushes. The removed parts were then soaked in 'Gunk' before given a clean before painting.

In the images below you can see the gunk tank and the wallpaper stripper.

Slowly coming together now, as Trigger is pieced back together.

The plan of having one tractor working, whilst the other was being restored didn't work, as the hydraulics on the 2000 failed. Now we have two tractors in pieces in the workshop.

Almost done now, final bits being put back together.

First test drive, only to find out that the fuel tank leaks!

All done, and she is now out working.